Technology working for you.

Technical consultancy and project management

We provide technical consultancy and project management for core I.T. competencies. Xenith Consulting can assist with assignments at all phases of the project life cycle. Whether your starting on a new deployment or are having problems with an existing project, we can help get the ball rolling or get the project back on track.

Solutions Architecture, Design and Execution

We can help define a technical strategy to effectively evaluate and manage vendors and technology. Future proof your business today.

Software Development and Engineering

Mobile first, cloud native application development, using the latest technology to deliver quality application quickly and at scale.

Infrastructure Provisioning and Deployment

Our solutions are born in the cloud and leverage infrastructure as code to deploy immutable infrastructure which is fully automated.


Leverage our experience and expertise to help you build quality applications quickly and at scale.


Deploy cloud infrastructure as code to produce immutable, scable and secure environments.


Full software development lifecyle management using industry standard enterprise grade tooling.


Employ devops practices to maintain site reliability. Automate everything. Everything as a service.


Respond and resolve issues faster. Maintain knowledge portals for customer self service support.


Qualification of workflows, on-boarding emerging technology and assembling high performing teams.


Cloud native software engineering and applications development. Born in the cloud business.


Digital transformation using the trivector approach. Ideas, methods and practices to drive transformation.


Scale with confidence using resources on demand with elastic sizing.


Building infrastructure as code and using microservices architecture to deliver quality applications at scale is our business.