Release and Configuration Management for Red Hat Middleware

Xenith Consulting assisted with the release and configuration management of Red Hat JBoss portfolio of products.  Helping make sure software projects from over 300 open source communities were consolidated and shipped to meet the criteria expected from an enterprise application platform.  Xenith Consulting engineered tooling to produce build meta data as well developing a virtualised rapid development platform which integrated tooling used by numerous teams.

Acision voicemail deployment for INWI

Xenith Consulting deployed Acision Next Generation Platform (NGP) for INWI in Morocco. Engineers assisted with configuration and testing on the primary site in Casablanca and deployed the redundant green field site in Marrakesh. NGP was is deployed on fully loaded HP c7000 blade enclosures utilising MSA 2000 SAN, brocade fibre switches, layer 2 interconnects, 11500 load balancers and connected to customers core network via cisco 3500 layer 3 switches. Engineers installed and configured Cisco networking, Red Hat Linux, HP blade and SAN storage.

Service Provisioning for Tesco Bank

Xenith Consulting helps Tesco Bank provision their Test, Pre-Production and Production environments in Edinburgh. These environments are utilised by the Customer Management Programme. A number of services within the programme will benefit from the introduction of a configuration management database (CMDB) to help automate the service provisioning.

NGP messaging with Acision.

Xenith Consulting becomes a solutions integrator for Acision’s Next Generation Platform.  Providing 2nd line support in the Czech Republic and leading project deployments in Canada and the United States.  Engineers conduct product testing and verification, working with Acision’s Customer Solutions Integration and Sustaining teams, to deliver assignments on time.  The Next Generation Platform is delivered on multiple HP blade enclosures comprising of 3 to 16 blades configured for high availability and performance on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.

Build and Deployment for VocaLink

Xenith Consulting assists with the configuration and deployment of Voca’s infrastructure technology stack and helped simplify, standardise and automate those operations associated with it.  Xenith Consulting contributed code to the Genesis project which was later adopted as part of the “Platform of Execution” at Voca where it played a crucial part in the commoditisation of the IT infrastructure provisioning, deployment and operations.  By simplifying, standardising and sharing VocaLink’s payment platforms infrastructure, Genesis not only improved operating efficiency and increased customer satisfaction but also significantly reduced VocaLink’s overheads between 2008 and 2009 against a backdrop of increased turnover.

Systems integration for Guardian.

Xenith Consulting provides engineers to assist with the Guardian and Observer Newspapers’ web sites and associated services in the testing, pre-deployment, and production environments.  These three heterogeneous environments comprised of a total of 200+ servers running a mix of Solaris 8, 9, and 10, and RedHat Enterprise 3 and 4. Key tasks associated with this role included the installation, configuration, and maintenance of various blade-based servers, including Sun B1600 chassis (using B100s blades) and IBM BladeCentres (using HS20 and LS20 blades), along with various Sun V100, V210, E420R, and IBM DL380 servers.  Xenith Consulting also assisted with the technical implementation of the Guardian Jobs site migration from an in-house solution to a third party application service provider.

Logica voicemail deployment for Vodafone.

Xenith Consulting wins contract to install LogicaCMG’s uOne voice messaging software for Vodafone in the United Kingdom and Egypt.  Xenith Consulting assisted with the installation of two staging environments in Newbury and went on to undertake production site preparation work in Leyland, Preston, Basingstoke and Milton Keynes.  Xenith Consulting was responsible for the systems mail and directory servers which where configured in a high availability cluster using Red Hat Cluster Suite.  In Egypt, Xenith Consulting, co-coordinated with support teams in the United Kingdom, United States and Netherlands, where they successfully managed to take the project to application testing.

Commisioning and deployment for Barclays Capital.

Xenith Consulting assists with systems provisioning in anticipation of an increase in volume of servers rolled out by the UNIX Commissioning and Deployment team at Barclays Capital.  Xenith Consulting helped reduce the lead times associated with commissioning and deployment process by improving existing methods and contributed to building a robust system that was less prone to human error.

Linux Early Adopters Program for RBS.

Xenith Consulting delivers a build specification which sets the standard for Linux Servers deployed across the Royal Bank of Scotland’s three global sites in London, New York and Hong Kong.  LEAP (Linux Early Adoption Program) validated the existing software stack installed on the Solaris servers for use on Linux.  Xenith Consulting developed standards which translated the existing criteria for systems administration, security and disaster recovery, as defined by the Royal Bank of Scotland’s UNIX engineering team, for Linux.  Projects employing LEAP in RBS saved up to 90% on hardware costs, compared to equivalent Sun server technology, without compromising on performance.  In some instances the performance of applications increased by 60% (based on Monte Carlo Benchmarks).