Royal Bank of Scotland employs almost 12,000 people and serves 1.8m personal customers and more than 110,000 business customers.

XCL delivers the Bluebank Container Platform for the Royal Bank of Scotland. BCP deployed on Openshift and later migrated to the Azure Kubernetes Service represented the banks response to digital challengers in the market place. The platform leveraged the latest container based technology to deliver a self service on demand platform for rapid cloud native application development and deployment.

Leveraging the portability, of Docker containers, applications teams migrated without issues between Openshift and the Azure Kubernetes Service. Openshift’s highly opinionated enterprise grade multi-tenancy kuberentes clusters provided an incubation space for teams to familierise themselves with cloud native application development. Teams went on to migrate workloads to the Azure Kubernetes Service where developers had greater flexibility in how they controlled their environments.